Brian Sonia-Wallace, RENT Poet, poetry
Artist-in-Residence, City of Los Angeles
RENT Poet connects people through ink in a wired-in world. Alone or with my typewriter ensemble, Melrose Poetry Bureau , I write custom poems and create poetry events and community engagement.

Poetry for Events
Typewriting custom poems for guests at:
 - Weddings
 - Corporate Events
 - Festivals
 - Membership Events & Holidays

Creative Services
 - Poetry Festival Production
 - Community Engagement
 - Writing & Performance Workshops
 - Readings
 - Spoken Word
 - Special Commissions
 - Custom Stage Shows with Poetry

I make poetry personal again for everyone.  Contact [email protected] for inquiries and bookings.

Follow me  @RENTPoet!

Past clients include: Google, Los Angeles Library Foundation, LA2050, Grand Performances, The Broad Stage, Wedgewood Real Estate, & more.

My Story:
I took a crazy challenge in September, 2014: to pay my rent using only the money I made writing poetry. And it worked. Since then, this journey has led me to write poems for everyone from Google to children to celebrity weddings, and perform my work around the world.

I published my first book,  I Sold These Poems Now I Want Them Back  in 2016 with Yak Press, and it is available in the online store or at .

I am a 2016 Artist-in-Residence with the City of Los Angeles and a Writer-in-Residence with Amtrak trains - I am creating a festival on October 29 called Nevermore with the City of Los Angeles, Center for Cultural Innovation, LA Tourism Board, and community partners.

I was a 2015 Doris Duke Impact Award Nominee for potential impact on American performacne, and a 2015 Artist-in-Residence with the National Parks.

I went to university in the UK and have traveled extensively and lived in the US, Europe, East Asia, and South America. I currently live in my native city - Los Angeles, CA.
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RENT Poet is a proud member of the  Melrose Poetry Bureau typewriter ensemble.